Windows VPS vs Linux VPS Hosting – Choose the Best one for Your Business

May 4, 2015


Linux and Windows VPS are usually recognized as economical hosting solutions for organizations. A huge number of web developers make use of VPS instead of shared hosting because of cost, performance and other useful features that VPS provides. Both Linux and Windows work with a distinct operating system so the features which they provide differ. Linux VPS hosting is free and open source system where Windows is commercial. You need to keep a lot of various conditions in mind while choosing VPS for your business. In case you are stuck with the wrong kind of VPS then you probably will not be happy with the services.

Preferring Linux VPS or Windows will completely depend on the needs of your website. Linux might be good for business owners who do not actually have extremely high requirements for their website and also for those who are on a lower budget. Windows can be used by many entrepreneurs and are able to serve everyone who makes use of Windows. Linux might be less pricey compared to Windows. But both of the VPS have potentially unique features, so it is going to be a very difficult task for us to judge which one is best.

Windows VPS Hosting:

Windows VPS hosting is a little more expensive. However, it possesses plenty of smart features. It is fast and also secure. It supports ASP as well as hosting. It offers great support for the Microsoft SQL Server and access. The major success secret of Windows VPS is that it offers the finest graphical user interface. It is a web hosting provider with excellent features and ensures to provide its customers perfect service. The customer is also allowed access to the Windows Virtual private server from anywhere they wish to. It is not extremely reliable, but the plans it includes to entertain its customers with are simply remarkable.

Linux VPS Hosting:

Linux VPS hosting is popular simply because it is greatly affordable. It is extremely trustworthy as opposed to the Windows VPS because it does not have issues with the system crashing or even slowing down. The customer can totally depend on its consistent operation. The open source program could certainly be one of the key reasons of it being very low priced. A few of its applications can also be found absolutely free. Certain highly advanced features can only run by making use of Linux, plus it also provides SSH access.

Ease of Use and Reliability:

In case you are one who may not be proficient in site management, then Windows VPS could be a very good option because the remote desktop access is simpler to use and easy to troubleshoot. By using a Linux-based VPS, you need to be familiar with a bit regarding the text commands. Though, in terms of trustworthiness, Linux might provide you with much better reliability. Windows probably would not be capable of offering you an uptime of 100%, however, Linux might not have any issues with this.

In case you are ok with the downtime of your website that may be happening occasionally, Windows VPS Hosting is a safe choice for your business needs because it offers best attractive features. However, if you are searching for something totally reliable without any downtime, then Linux VPS is the preferred solution. All you accept to do is to choose a perfect web hosting service that meets your business demands.

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