8 Things to Consider Before Choosing WordPress Hosting Company

May 7, 2015


WordPress hosting companies are in great demand in recent times because of the increasing recognition of WordPress as a blogging application. WordPress can be used by numerous business owners for their business websites and bloggers for their self-hosted blogs. Its simplicity of use and user-friendly options in less span time makes it one of the more widely used and popular content management system over the internet.

Hopefully, you would like to engage the best WordPress hosting providers for your blog or website. In this post, we placed a checklist of the essential aspects to consider prior to you making your decision.

1. Top WordPress Hosting Providers

You need a web hosting company which concentrates on WordPress and has a reliable reputation for their services and their technical support.

2. 1-click WordPress Installation

Top hosting companies are promoting 1-click WordPress installation just to gain more customers’ interest. If you are planning to use WordPress CMS to build your personal blog or a company website then check with the provider if he is offering 1-click installation WordPress integration or not.

3. 99.9% uptime reliability

Another significant element you have to confirm with your hosting company is providing Uptime Reliability or not. Because it is extremely important suppose a web visitor is not able to access your site, they simply visit your business rival website and they may never attempt to come back to your site once again. This would cost you money in dropped sales including a bad reputation. The best WordPress Hosting Company provides 99.9% reliability.

4. Decrease the load time of your website

You need to concentrate on that your website load up quickly for your site visitors. Usually, the majority of visitors does not wait any more than 4 seconds for a website to load. Suppose your website takes more time to load, then the user simply clicks on the back button and move on to your competitors. Only the perfect WordPress hosting providers offer non-crowed servers which make your site load up fast for your visitors.

5. Linux Servers

WordPress was created for Linux Servers and this is the main reason why you will find less possibility of going into technical problems.

6. Database and website Backup Service

Taking a backup of your database at regular intervals is very important. In case your database or website hacked or even corrupted because of any reason. The top hosting company provides backups of your web site and will automatically reinstall your website till the date before the corruption or hack took place.

7. Technical Support 24/7/365

Sometimes your website may go down because of any reason. In that situation, you need to contact your web provider whatever the time of the day or even night time. Because you cannot predict when your website will go down. The best WordPress Hosting Companies provide tech support 24/7 and 365 days generally by means of a support ticket method which will make your website up and running very quickly.

8. Secure Servers

Select the top hosting company who monitors their servers from external attacks. Check whether they were performing regular software updates to guarantee the steadiness, as well as a continuance of service.