Why Majority Business Owners are Choosing Windows VPS Hosting for Their Business?

May 8, 2015


VPS hosting is a good option for small to medium sized organizations. Because in recent years the availability, Bandwidth, Memory and CPU are increasing very rapidly. The three resources which were once available simply to users of dedicated servers are now within the grasp of even those with a minimum budget. VPS Hosting is of two kinds: Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Greater part small and medium sized companies have a popular option of Windows VPS hosting. Simply because it is simple to use, GUI interface and an affordable hosting solution made the Windows VPS hosting as a leader in the small business industry.

The following are the reasons why one should consider Windows VPS hosting  based on his needs.

Resource Availability is drastically improved in Windows VPS Hosting

Shared hosting has massive disadvantages and restrictions. Most of the time, a server has been shared with huge number of clients at a time. Every single one of whom is competing with the other folks for bandwidth and memory space. If any customer misuses it while making use of the resource then automatically others will suffer. In Virtual Private Server hosting, the server is distributed to very few customers at a time, then it automatically leads to improve the volume of resources for every individual.

Get 24/7 support to resolve your issues and concerns.

In this hosting, hosting providers handle your VPS for you so you can get tech support assistance 24/7. This way you are able to fix all your technical problems rapidly. It is possible to guarantee yourself working 24/7 throughout a year with no concerns and hassles.

Data Backup managed automatically.

On Windows Virtual Private Server hosting you don’t need to bother about your data backup. Since every 3rd day, the backup of your server can be taken automatically.

Dedicated IP address for spam protection.

In a shared hosting set up, all the customers make use of the same IP resources on the server. Among all the clients, suppose if any one customer sends junk or spam emails, it then leads to the entire group going on the blacklist. Most of the cases, the majority of people will be afraid to accept the emails if they were coming from spam, IP. But with VPS hosting, every server has its own dedicated IP address. Therefore we will not suffer from others spam activities.

Reduces extra costs.

Guessing your server specifications might be a very difficult task for a business person or a common man. In VPS hosting your service provider would monitor your system utilization needs and suggest what you will require and also decrease additional expenses.

Complete Control on your server.

The server collapses very frequently happening in share hosting. There are huge limitations on exactly what can be installed and set up. Access takes place from a standard control panel. With Windows VPS hosting however, you will have the maximum control over your server when you would like.

Updates will take place automatically.

Within this web hosting you do not need to spend endless hours updating your system. In VPS your servers are handled every day and also get up to date automatically whenever new changes can be found. This keeps your server secure and safe at any moment of the day.