Why You Should Consider SaaS for Your Business Applications?

May 18, 2015


Software as a service (SaaS) is an option to the regular software installation in the enterprise environment where an end user needs to build the server, install the application and configure it. The SaaS model becomes widely used nowadays because of the incredible benefits it provides to small, medium and large size companies. In this post, I am listing six key significant benefits SaaS offering:

1. Access to robust applications wherever you want:
SaaS applications are available at any place, any device (computer), anytime. Simply because the majority is aware of using the net to look for what they require, SaaS applications are likely to possess higher adoption rates, with a reduced learning curve.

2. Lower costs: Small and Medium Companies can afford:
SaaS has a different about costs as it usually resides in a multitenant environment in which the hardware and software license costs are cheap as compared to the conventional model. Another benefit is the consumer base could be improved because it permits small and medium companies to make use of a software that otherwise they may not use because of the high price of the license. Maintenance costs are also drastically decreased.

3. Painless Upgrades: Adoption is fast and easy:
The SaaS provider handles all updates as well as upgrades; there is no extra burden on clients to install the patches or download. The SaaS provider also handles accessibility, so there’s not necessary for users to add software, hardware or bandwidth as the user base increases. Where in the conventional model that normally forces the customer to purchase an upgrading package and deploy it, or pay for particular solutions to get the environment upgraded.

4. Flexibility: For Entrepreneurs and the Users:
Present days the numerous successful organizations are capable of achieving a competitive edge since they are flexible and more simply take care to change. This kind of flexibility might require modern features for an enterprise application, new functionality, adding new users to a program. SaaS offerings are simple to use because they already consist of best practices as well as samples of it.

5. Integration and Scalability:
The SaaS model functions in cloud environments that are scalable as well as having integration with different SaaS offerings. Looking at with the traditional model, customers does not have to purchase an additional server or software. They just need to allow a new SaaS offering and, regarding server capability planning, the SaaS service provider would own that.

6. Backups and Data Recovery is simple now:
In the traditional approach backing up your data on a regular basis can be a tough job at the best of times. In SaaS solutions. You no need to bother about your data backup. Since every 3rd day, the backup of your server can be taken automatically.