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Cloud located around the Globe

We can offer you the cloud that best fit you and your website.

CLOUX maintains eighteen cloud datacenter locations worldwide. By having multiple locations, you're able to strategically place your website in the cloud best fitting you and your website's visitors. Choosing the right datacenter is important for you and your website. By choosing a location close to you, you're able to manage your site with an extremely fast connection speed. Users visiting your site will also be able to view the site faster than another that is hosted further from thempage.

What We Do

  • Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Names
  • Application Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
Seize the power of the dedicated servers without the complexity of the daily administration...


Cloux presents Cloud based server solutions, removing the load of management when it comes to infrastructure of IT departments. Cloud offers a dedicated service which is more than a piece of hardware, it is a complete service where you have an engineer, technic and executive staff at your disposal, making it all more smooth.


All of our clients get 100% benefited from network availability of our data centres where our infrastructure is located – San Diego, CA; México D.F.; Texas; San José, CA. With a 24/7 customer support and a big spectrum of safety options, so your business is reliably hosted and it has an excellent performance.


We mainly focus on Premium services for all of our clients, having leader data centre partners in Mexico, USA, Europe and Asia.

Our data centres count with the highest quality infrastructure and operative efficiency. That being said, organizations get access to worldwide technologies that with no doubt immediately benefit their competitiveness. From the co-location, connectivity and back-up to a DRP and Business Continuity. Besides, our tech alliances allow us to ensure the best service.
  • Control Panel

  • All of our managed cloud servers ship with the leading combination of CentOS and cPanel. A combination of one of the most popular server operating systems with the leading web hosting control panel.
  • High Availability

  • Our Managed Cloud Servers use our cloud infrastructure, which is designed to eliminate single points of failure, while giving you the flexibility to design the server needed for your application.
  • Carrer Class

  • 100% network availability we connect to multiple carriers to keep our servers up and running without any network issues.

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Reasons to You Choose us

World Class Data Centers
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Fantastic Support
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Multiple Locations Around the Globe
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Our History

  •  2013
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