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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade an existing cloud server?
It's very easy to upgrade a cloud server. Just buy some additional nodes, then assign them to the machine. The system will shut down your machine, upgrade it, and bring it back up automatically.
How much technical knowledge do I neeed?
It'sCloud server systems with CLOUX are very easy to get up and running with pre-installed software and require very little experience to get started. However, remember that this is not a managed service by default (please read below for Managed Service options), so you will be responsible for maintaining your server. We therefore recommend that you take the time to gain a basic understanding of Linux administration..
How long will an upgrade take?
This depends entirely on how much data is stored on your system. Upgrades are usually completed within a minute, but downgrades can take up to an hour..
How do you allocate resources?
Each cloud server is made up of one or more units called nodes. A node is allocated a guaranteed share of CPU and RAM resources as well as SAN storage space and monthly bandwidth. The more nodes you assign to a cloud server, the more physical resources will be dedicated to your system. Unlike many other providers we do not oversell or share any resources between machines..
Do you offer managed services?
CLOUX does offer an optional Managed Services plan for a monthly fee of $69/£49, this gives you pro-active managed support help for the setup and management of your cloud server.
What can I do with my cloud server?
iYou can host any services you like from your cloud server, including web hosting, Rails applications, or even an Asterisk voice over IP system. You will have root access to your cloud server so there's no limit to what you can run, as long as it doesn't violate our terms of service.
How much can I host from my cloud server?
There is no limit to how many services, domains, or applications you can run from a CLOUX server. However, you need to make sure you allocate enough resources to deal with the services you expect to provide..
Can I firewall my server?

Absolutely. We recommend configuring iptables on all cloud servers, as well as keeping up-to-date with patches to keep your systems secure...

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